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Inauguration of the 55th Term Board of Directors of Yanchai Hospital

Congratulation to the Founder of Takcere - Mr Ricky Lee, for continuously supporting the well-known Charity Organization - YanChai Hospital on the 55th term.

This is the fourth year of Mr Ricky Lee joins the YC Board of Director. Takcere participates in wide range of volunteering and donation activities because our Founder and staffs believe serving back to the society is a key responsibility for every citizen. This is as well an important factor for personal and group developments, which our company values the most while we work at Takcere.

In Takcere, we not only work hard but we care a lot too.

Look forward to joining Takcere in the coming meaningful volunteering event? Leave us a message on our Contact page. We are happy to take you with us next time!


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