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Takcere participates in Charity Sale!

The Takcere family cares about the local community and we enjoyed the meaningful charity event so much over last Sunday at PopCorn mall at Tseung Kwan O!

We are proud that the team has sold about 150 tins of cookie during 3 hours! All the donation will go to The Yan Chai Emergency Assistance Relief Fund to assist people in needs. To show them some loves and cares from the society.

We know that we own so much and we truly hope to make a difference in the society no matter the action is big or small. Today, we invited our family members and friends to take part of this volunteering as well. The kids loved it especially it was their first experience to face strangers that they do not speak with normally! But most importantly, we hope that our next generation understand the concept of "giving back"and continue to spread the love to others when they have the ability.

Sincerity as Basis, Quality as Foundation. 


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