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Takcere x Yan Chai's Fukubukuro Event to send Blessings to the Elders

Despite the pandemic, Takcere and Yan Chai continue to send love to the elderly! Takcere also continued to be the event sponsor this year, fully supporting charity work. This is the 14th year of YanChai's Fukubukuro event. In the past 13 years, Yanchai has given out more than 820,000 lucky bags, and this year, we make persistent efforts to distribute 60,000 charity bags to the elderly in need.

A group of members of the board of directors of the Yanchai hospital, including the Founder of Takcere Mr. Ricky Lee, Government Officials, Guests and Volunteers visited the elderly in Wan Tau Tong Village, Tai Po. Artists Louis Yuen , Chin Ka Lok and his wife Angela Tong were specially invited to send the Fukubukuro with loves to everyone.


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